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“Sarajevo” (6 panel painting), overall size 300 x 660 cm, New York, 1992

“Sarajevo” (pintura de 6 paneles),tamaño total 300 x 660 cm, Nueva York, 1992

“Europese Ontmoetingen”

Antwerp, City Cultural of Europe, 1993

Erik van der Grijn, invitation representing Ireland & Holland

Erik Adriaan van der Grijn studied art in The Hague. Between 1964 and now he lived and worked in Ireland for some twenty years. His work can be found in many public and private Irish, European, American, Australian collections. He has represented Ireland in exhibitions in the U.S.A., Paris, Moscow and elsewhere. After a period in Amsterdam he now lives in Belgium, where he has a studio in an old convent in Hoegaarden.
However varied the techniques –from Constructivism and Hard Edge to Lyrical and Tachist- used by van der Grijn may be, whichever anecdotal motives or references to the immediate environment his work may contain: their relevance is minimal when compared to the artist’s relentless quest for the unsuspected aspects of things and for associations with what man’s destructive side has engendered. The way in which he equilibrates his creations, has the scales tipping towards new possibilities and their use, instead of to depression and pessimism. Together with profusely used black, staining shadows, bright, tender colours appear around and inside the dark denseness in an effort to show eagerness to dialogue and consultation.
The coup by the Greek colonels, the Vietnam War, the disaster at Chernobyl, the situation in Nothern Ireland, former Yugoslavia as well as in Somalia made a profound impression on van der Grijn. Works such as “My Temple, My Prison” clearly indicate that he has chosen the side of unconditional tolerance and freedom of conscience. He paints this message from within a positive attitude to life, the basis par excellence of his ethical solicitude, according to him.