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"Hard-Edge Realism" by Erik Adriaan van der Grijn

The David Hendriks Gallery, Dublin, Ireland, 1983

Since 1976 when I introduced “Hard-Edge Realism” my paintings have evolved through a curious progression of strict realistic evaluation of those hard-edge subjects which necessitated an involuntary controlled interpretation. This obsession still holds, however now, I’ve pushed its extremity yet one step further until I find that the “skies have no boundaries”.
As an innovator of a particular and exclusive art title I still find hesitation to assume its relevance to my current paintings on show. However this latest development tests the extent to which abstract interpretations of hard-edge subjects can still be paradoxical with their realism. To tease this point still further I have hung some of my photographs (which have been compiled since ’64) of the original walls and hazards and would like to insist that these photographs be regarded in their own right as a medium in total antipathy of consequent paintings. Each has its own evaluation and must repel any direct comparison. It may be a test of exposure against these photos how my paintings are regarded in terms of their surrealistic eventuality.
Despite the popular concept that there’s a streak of madness in every artist I expect anyone with a certain amount of imagination can be tempted to indulge in the perversion of considering ugly manufactures as beautiful concepts. I’d like to hope amidst all the current mayhem that it is possible to achieve just that.